TB Meeting Notice
TB Meeting Notice
TB Meeting Agenda 5.9.2017
TB Meeting 9.8.2020
TB Meeting 2021.10.12
TB Meeting 12.14.2021
TB Meeting 1.8.2019
TB Meeting
TB Meeting
TB Meeting
TB Agenda 12/12/2017
TB Agenda
Star Lake PO Letter
Special TB Meeting
Special TB Meeting
Special Meeting Notice
Special Meeting 2021.6.29
Special Meeting 2021.5.28
Special Meeting 2021.5.28
Special Meeting 12.8.2021
Special Meeting
Special Meeting
Special EE Meeting
Spec. Meeting 2022.2.21
Spec. Employee (Closed) Meeting
Spec TB Meeting 2020.11.12
Spec TB Meeting
Spec Meeting Nixon Lake Road Bids
Spec Meeting Building Bids
Spec Meeting Agenda 8.21.2020
Spec Meeting 2022.5.17
Spec Meeting 2022.3.16
Spec Meeting 2021.7.22
Spec Meeting 2021.10.18
Spec Meeting 2021.1.19
Spec Meeting 2020.12.03
Spec Meeting 10.16.2020
Spec Budget Meeting
Reg. TB Meeting Notice
Reg TB Meeting 2021.5.11
Reg TB Meeting 2021.3.9
Reg TB Meeting 2021.2.9
Reg TB Meeting 2021.1.12
Reg TB Meeting
Reg TB Meeting
Reg TB Meeting
Reg TB Meeting
Reg TB Meeting
Reg TB Meeting
Reg TB Meeting
Reg TB Meeting
Reg Meeting Notice
Reg Meeting
Public Works Comm. Meeting

            This meeting will be held at the Town Hall

Public Safety, Public Works Meeting
Planning Comm. Meeting
Planning Comm Meeting
Oct. TB Agenda
November Agenda
Nov. TB Agenda
Nov. 30th TB Meeting
Meeting to Adjourn BOR
Lakes Comm. Meeting Agenda
Lakes Comm Meeting
December 8 Town Board Meeting Agenda
Budget Workshop
Budget Meeting
Broadband Comm Meeting
August TB Meeting
April TB Meeting
Annual Meeting Agenda 2020.4.20
Amended TB Meeting Notice
Amended Special Meeting Agenda
Amended Notice for 11.1.2021
Amended Notice
Amended Meeting Notice

Amended Notice to Include Adoption of 2016 Budget

Amended Budget Workshop
Amended Agenda 2.13.2018
Amended Agenda
Amended Agenda
Agenda July 19, 2016
2022.3.8 Reg TB Meeting
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